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What is ‘vitally uncensored’ for someone to risk invading a champions league final.

            Lady invades champion’s league final between Liverpool and tottenham in a swimsuit bearing the word “ VITALLY UNCENSORED”.  Football fans have been left wondering what its meaning could be.

            Apparently the lady who goes by the name Wolanski is believed to be the current girlfriend of a former porn actor Vitaly Zdorovetskiyl. Currently this guy is a YouTube Prankster. He also happens to have invaded a world cup final back in 2014.

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            Wolanski boasts over three hundred thousand (300000) followers on instagram where she posts pictures showing off her nice body.

Checking on YouTube, the vitally uncensored channel has over 1.6 billion views. Mostly the videos here are pranks involving ladies that are featured by her boyfriend and the group.

The charge of invading a match is laid resulting in fines or jail term. But why risk all this. The answer is, she and her boyfriend will get a very big traffic on their online platforms that will cater for all loses that might come after this risk.

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