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Tala Arrests 17 Loan Defaulters At Kenyatta University.

Tala has finally started tracking down loan defaulters from all parts of the country. This morning 17 students were tracked down and arrested some from their hostels and others at the middles of their lectures and put in handcuffs.

       All are being held at Kasarani Police station awaiting their hearing tomorrow in court.

       Tala has taken this move because most loan defaulters are not making any effort to at least settle the debt.

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        Other defaulters have also cut the communication with them leaving tala with no other choice. This move will continue all around the country especially among the youths.

       The Tala team is coming accompanied by policemen with a warrant of arrest therefore its not easy to negotiate with them. They are not also accepting cash repayments. This is before once one has started to be tracked down; there are extra chargers for this process.

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       They are using a phone application and computer software to track down these loan defaulters from wherever they are.

   They are also using all methods possible to reach people including calling the most frequently contacted people on your call log just to embarrass you as a way of convincing you to pay them back.

   Other loan defaulters out there are being called out to pay their pending loans before further action is taken. Failing to pay the loans as per the agreement is being regarded as a criminal offense.

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