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MP attempts to rape a first year student at Thika and almost killed by mob Justice.

Marie, the lady to whom this happened to this morning was heard by the caretaker screaming for help from her single room.

            The caretaker quickly mobilized boda boda guys from outside the plot. Who came and forcefully entered the room only to find this man ready to leave. Luckily nothing much happened to her.

            She says she met him at a church event where she was the leader of the youths and when he requested to come see where she lives, she couldn’t say no because she never thought such a thing would happen.

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The angry boda boda guys started beating him up. If you have ever happened to witness a mob justice, it only takes few minutes to kill whoever the mob is angry with.

Were it not for the two men dressed in black suits who came to his rescue, he could be no more. It is after this that Marie told the boda boda guys that he is an MP. None had recognised him because he was dressed so simple.

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            It is until we as Kenyans address the issue of sexual assaults at another level.  This has now become too much to bear. Deaths, Rapes, suicides, threats are now the order of the day.

The saddest part being, they that we should trust most are behind these acts. Pastors,senior government officials ,Dads, Uncles, brother etc

At least every newsroom is reporting a case almost daily, a different case from the other.  We should know that what reaches the media is just a drop in the ocean, if there was to be a confession from the ladies especially, you would be shocked by what most have gone through.

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Most not reporting to the police for the fear of their dear lives. This is draining them emotionally daily. Others have also suffered physically. Without forgetting they, who have lost their lives.

There need to be proper punishments to anyone who abuses the other sexually, even if it means plugging out the parts disturbing them or something like busting their balls because sending them to jail seems not to scare them anymore.

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