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MCA Caught with 7 Million Fake New Kenyan Currency.

As it had been suspected, money launderers have already started printing fake money to take the advantage that most Kenyans can’t distinguish between the new currency fake notes from genuine once.

            The government, through social media has tried its best to educated Kenyans more about the currency more so the notes.

            Genuine notes have a distinct smell similar to that of old currency, a rough feel, the security thread should bear rainbow colors or change from color red to green once you tilt it at a certain angle for all notes, finally, the golden band on the back of all notes should show the value. All these characteristics cannot be counterfeited.

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It should be noted that the government took the move of exchanging all notes by 1st October 2019 to inconvenience money launderers, terrorist sympathizers, political fraudsters, drug barons and other criminals who hides lots of cash in their houses.

            The move will also help fight corruption, as in the recent past money from public coffers has disappeared with no trace of deposits in banks. This thereby meaning the money is not in circulation.

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           This morning a member of the public informed the police of some suspicious happenings that were being conducted by an MCA who she saw ferrying huge amounts of money.

Luckily the police managed to catch him before he could escape. It is yet to be confirmed whether the money was genuine or fake but judging from how suspicious he was acting, there is a good chance it is counterfeited.

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The MCA however continued to urge the police to free him as the money is his and genuine. He is still in police custody awaiting questioning of how and where he got all this cash from and what it was meant for.

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