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Jobs vacancies that will be created by Kenya’s 2019-year census.

Jobs vacancies that will be created by Kenya’s 2019-year census.

According to Kenya National Bureau of statistics, the 2019-year census will be conducted on August. It is going to be the first paperless census in the history of this great country of ours.  The following are some of the expected job vacancies that will be created by the census. 135,000 enumerators, 27,000 content supervisors, and 2,700 ICT supervisors. In addition to those, there shall also be security personnel and village elders.

The use of this technology will thereby mean that there will be a high demand on those who know technology stuff best, yes, the ICT experts, students/ graduates. And, of course they should all have supporting documents for them to secure a job when the hiring process begins. This however does not mean that only ICT graduates/students will get the jobs, it only gives them a higher chance compared to the rest who may have taken other courses.

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The bureau is set to issue enumerators with tablets for data collection, afterwards sent to a central server. The use of this technology will help eliminate the previous paper work that involved filling of questionnaires .At the same time it will shorten the period of releasing the results from 6 months to probably 3 months.

                 Hiring of those to help conduct the census will start as from June though KNBS has not given the exact dates yet.

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Finally,it is good to note that the hiring will only take place at the regional offices for all job vacancies that will be created by the census .No person is required to pay any amount of money to secure a position, therefore one should be aware of fraudsters who may want to con him/her money promising you employment. Information regarding employment and dates when the hiring will begin will officially be released by KNBS through their official websites. One can also visit them at their headquarters found in Nairobi city, Herufi house along Lt Tumbo lane or contact them through their postal address which is P.O Box 30266-00100 or their phone number +254-20-3317583.

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