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How To Apply For KUCCPS Inter institution Transfer After Placement

How To Apply For KUCCPS Inter institution Transfer After Placement

This is good news to all students who have been placed to institutions that they are not comfortable with or even courses that they may not wish to pursue. The good news is, there is a kuccps inter institution transfer process one can apply for online and this is how you go about it ; –

  • Log in to your students portal
  • Fill in an application form
  • Download and print this form.

After this simple process, present the form to the respective institution heads; (that is, to the institution you are currently placed and to that you wish to join). Make sure the head of the institution signs and stamps this form. For university students take to the vice chancellor and for colleges students to the Principals.

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Take this form to the placement service for processing and ensure it is stamped and signed.

 Note: before applying for the transfer; –

There is a kuccps inter institution transfer application fee that is to be involved. You should only pay after you have successfully completed the necessary steps to be involved in the process.

Do not pay any money to anyone else other than to the pay bill provided by KUCCPS on their portal.

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The kuccps inter institution transfer process has a definite start date and a definite end date. After which no other transfer can be done, therefore incase you want to transfer be so keen to know when it is open otherwise you might as well be left behind.  You can get this update from KUCCPS portal .It is therefore important to login once in a while on their portal to get such and other updates. Taking for example the year 2018, the kuccps inter transfer application system was open during the whole month of May and was closed on 31st May; therefore there is a likelihood the same may happen this year.

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