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New Device To End Cheating In Relationships. Sends You Message Alerts If Your Partner Cheats.

Scientists have devoted themselves to making the world a better place to live in. They conduct all kinds of research. This one is though, has caught the eye of the public.

The device has been developed by madrid scientist by the name Papius He recently came up with this device which he says will end cheating in relationships completely. It is sort of a silicon microchip, implanted in ways it’s invisible to the human eye around the private parts of those in agreement (couples).

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He says it’s not a way to show your partner that you don’t trust them. Its just a way to be 100% sure that one is not infected with diseases that come about when one sleeps with another (STDs).

The microchip emits a unique identifying signal that a computer can recognize. It is connected to computer software that automatically sends a message upon insertion either for males or females. The partner who is not cheating receives the message, which cannot be deleted without a password.

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The message notifies them that their partner is entertaining him/herself biologically somewhere else. This device comes in pairs and no notification or message is sent in any of the partner’s phones if the act is by the both.

The scientist says he drew his inspiration from a family that was so lovely until one partner cheated and was infected with HIV/AIDS, which was later spread to the partner. ‘It was really sad ’. He remembers.

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His research shows that unlike other microchips that cause dangerous cancerous tumors around the injection site (subcutaneous sarcomas), this device has no harm or any side effects to anyone.

He also added that it couldn’t be affected by computer viruses like other microchips. For those who may have heard computer viruses can also attack human beings too, though this can only happen to those who have undergone surgery to have microchip implants.

In case couples break up it can be disabled online after they have made a request to sign out.

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