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Crucial Requirements You Will Need For The Application of HELB Loan.

Crucial Requirements You Will Need For The Application of HELB Loan.

For a swift HELB loan application these are the documents you should, by now have in hand awaiting HELB to announce the dates when the application will begin; –

  • Photocopy of your admission letter.
  • Copy of your KCPE and KCSE result slips
  • A photocopy of your National Identification card.
  • A bank account from either of the following banks; –

                        -Equity bank

                        -Kenya Commercial Bank

                        -Cooperative bank

                        -Post Bank

                        -National Bank

  • KRA pin, which you can get from most cyber cafes or from Kenya Revenue Authority offices.
  • Three guarantors and copies of their National Identification cards.
  • Passport size photographs, note they should be colored and most recent.
  • Your guardian(s) / parent(s) details. Especially a copy of their ID.
  • For orphans it is necessary to have your parent’s death certificate.
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With those documents you are almost assured of a successful application unless you make the following mistakes; –

  • In case you do a late delivery of the form you downloaded. This is because HELB has a stipulated timeline for the application.
  • Using scanned documents instead of the originals. HELB loan application requires all original documents otherwise if you use scanned ones then your application will be rejected.
  • If some of the documents are missing. The application is termed incomplete if one or more documents in the checklist is missing which will see your application rejected.
  • If some of the signatures and stamps are missing. Since the application involves money, signatures and stamps are very critical and are even termed mandatory by HELB in the form; therefore it is very crucial to have all in place if you are serious about getting the loan. There is normally a fear that HELB selects the students on whom to award the loans to, but that is just a thought. HELB gives loans to all students who have accurately filled the form, so am saying this with a surety that if you fill the form accurately and following the right procedure, you will definitely get the loan on the beginning of every semester.
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For more information one should visit HELB portal/website.

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