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Be Aware of Devil Worshippers Operating in Kenyan Matatus as conmen.

To make ends meet, most Kenyans are willing to do almost everything. This includes visiting the Indian Ocean to seek powers from the witches. This, they do in exchange of human blood.

            The power they get is being used to easily Rob Kenyans of their hard earned money and household items. Over the recent past thieves and conmen have changed to this tactic especially around the streets of Nairobi and other big towns.

In matatus, they mostly target tired passengers especially from 5 p.m.  (Working class). Where you are identified the moment you enter a matatu then followed immediately. The thief, allow me to refer them like that will immediately come and sit next to you.

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Their next step is to start a conversation in a way you are forced to say something. They will ask you the most obvious questions like, wamesema inalipisha ngapi? (How much are they charging as the fare)? You will either say the amount or say you don’t know. And after this they ensure the conversation doesn’t die.

They take the advantage that, in matatus people are normally silent and those engaging in a conversation are mostly friends or acquaintances. No one really cares about what they are saying or doing.

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You will engage in conversation with him or her to a point that those close to you will think you are friends. Then somehow you will hand them most valuable things you have like phones, watches and even cash. They then alight to the next stage.

Several minutes later, you will come back to your senses. That is after they have alighted .You will hear most victims shout mwizi (thief)! But there is no one to catch. No one even cared to look at his or her face.

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Some victims have also reported to most police stations of how they were escorted to their ATMs and withdrew money and gave these thieves. Without them entering the ATMs rooms.

One said the thief actually waited for her across the road. The funny part is, you will remember most parts about how things happened but you wont remember how their faces looked like.

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